Hello, when you think about marketing then your always think about sell and purchase door to door, simply you think one is company which are make a product and many customers which are use company product OK but how company tell about own product, you think many ways such as TV advertising, Radio, Newspaper, Banner, Hold-ring, etc.

You can imagine all ways which are see you in childhood but think is change in 2000 century when digital marketing enter in business, so they are divided in two sections first is old way to promote business or product and another marketing place is digital marketing now i have discuss marketing and digital marketing difference and why digital marketing is better to marketing.


When you promote you business or a product offline then you will go to many sources office which are promote your business and take some/high money to promote your business or product but in digital marketing think will be totally change why?

Think will be totally change because you can sit down in a chair and open your system (Laptop, Desktop) and relax.

You can open your system anywhere as per your situation but you always need a batter system they are good condition and a high speed internet connection which are connect to the world.

When you sit anywhere and you can promote your business and a product world wide¬† free and paid. you can use some tools which are free available online, you also use paid promotion for your business or product but paid promotion online is less cheaper for offline promotion we always referred to use mostly free tools which are make you business and product more stable when you are stable online for long time. It’s necessary to make your business presence long time online then you always take a benefit for promote your product easy.

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