Let’s start introduction of digital marketing first section INTRODUCTION in this section you can learn basics of digital marketing and actual presence of digital marketing in the world. We have to discuss all digital marketing advance features in all section so first write a rough introduction of digital marketing

1. What is marketing and types of marketing 

2. What is digital marketing

3. An understanding process of  marketing and digital marketing

4. Why Digital marketing needs today and why important 

5. How to increase visibility and Engagement

6. How to Bringing Targeted Traffic (Inbound/Outbound)

7. What is conversion leads, Retention and performance evaluation 

In these seven sections, I will complete digital marketing introduction and overview and also discuss some methods and tricks of all digital marketing sections, so if you learn deeply digital marketing and you batter to working as own boss then stay with me for subscribe our mailing list and follow me on the social media platforms

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